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Asia Liuh Intellectual Property Office (ALIPO) has established a good and mutual beneficial cooperation relationship with many overseas colleagues in reputable and outstanding companies in intellectual property (IP) industry. Thus ALIPO is well informed of latest news and updated in the field by such colleagues around the world and is able to supply its clients with the latest and exhaustive information and further to choose among proper foreign attorneys to serve their clients to the greatest extent. Therefore, ALIPO has assisted in many extraordinary foreign enterprises to get a comprehensive IPR protection in Taiwan as well as helped out local businesses to deploy and extend the internationalization of their IPR. Currently ALIPO has reached a perfect ratio of internal and external cases in its total revenues and that is a great achievement that ALIPO feels proud of.

Furthermore, ALIPO has engaged a professional translator, who receives a Certificate of Competency in Chinese and English Translation and Interpretation from Ministry of Education, mostly, to render patent specifications for foreign applications and to translate other materials depending on clients’ needs, including general contents or technical writings as necessary.

The INTA (International Trademark Association) is an organization supporting and promoting the development of domestic and foreign trademarks and other IP related businesses. You can find more details on its website: http://www.inta.org

ALIPO has joined the biggest international organization in IP industry - INTA (International Trademark Association) since 2007 and remained as one and the only INTA member in center area of Taiwan. Except for attending the 129th Annual Meeting held in Chicago on April 2007, 130th Annual Meeting held in Berlin and 131st Annual Meeting in Seattle, ALIPO will participate in 132nd Annual Meeting that will be taken place in Boston. Besides getting to know more and more colleagues gathered from the whole world, ALIPO continues to update IP news across nations through exchanging information with foreign colleagues.

In the international business, the fact that ALIPO has a great reputation and word-of-mouth among foreign companies can be evidenced by entrusting ALIPO as an agent responsible for patent and trademark filings in Taiwan and other corresponding cases in Asian countries by many companies such as American company - Frito-Lay North America, Inc., Arabic companies - Emirates Telecommunications Corporation and Sorouh Real Estate, English company - PEPSICO FOOD & BEVERAGES INTAL. LTD. and Korean company - GM DAEWOO AUTO & TECHNOLOGY COMPANY.